Inventory page 4 - image and transcription

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Inventory page 4 - image and transcription


Page 4 of the inventory of William Corbett's house and shop - the east shop (cont'd) and the west shop. Click the image to enlarge, read the transcription below, and follow the links to find out more about the books listed.

(In the transcription, abbreviations have been silently extended, and square brackets indicate likely readings where the document is damaged or illegible.)

[In the East Shop (cont'd)]



Item three latten testaments

iij [s]


Item three Tulies oracions

ij s


Item six little bookes in decimo sexto

iij s


Item Foure of Tullies epistles

iiij s


Item Nine bookes in decimo sexto

iiij s vj d

(4s 6d)

Item Twenty fyve little bookes

vi s viij d

(6s 8d)

Item fyve bookes in octauo

vij s


Item Jewells appology

iiij d


Item Twentie two small bookes

viij s


Item Twentie small books

vj s


Item twentie seven books in octauo

xxx s


Item fortie fyue bookes in octauo

Item twentie two single psalters

xxx s

xi s



Item twenty six bookes in octauo

xiij s iiij d

(13s 4d)

Item Sixtie Seven books in a larg decimo

xxx iij s


Item Six little praier books guilded

iiij s


Item fine little books in vellam

iij s


Item twelve primmers

iij s


Item fourteene table bookes

ij s iiij d

(2s 4d)

Item seven larger guylt

iij s xj d

(3s 11d)

Item foure spectackle cases

ij s


Item one guylt primmer

iij d


Item Sixtie foure Almanacks

v s iiij d

(5s 4d)

Item fyue psalme books

iij s ix d

(3s 9d)

Item Seauentie three packetts of small
books in vellam

xx s


Item twentie foure packets in quarto

xxiiij s


Item twelve large paper bookes bound in

ix [s]


Item thirteene lesse paper books

vij [s]


Item fifteene little paper books

iiij s


Item the history of woman

ij s vj d

(2s 6d)

Item Foure dozen of Alminacks

iij s iiij d

(3s 4d)

Item Eliotts Dixanary

x[v]iij d


Item certaine other old bookes of small
worth and pamphletts

 ij s vj d

(2s 6d)

tem bookes in quires unbound



Item one rimm of paper

j s


Item one rim of white paper

iij s


Soma total

xxij li xiij s viij d

(£22 13s 8d)




In the West Shopp



Inprimis seven little prayer books

vij d


Item one great Byble in folio att
the two hand

xiiij s


Item thirtie two primmers whereof
foure gilt

vj s xiij d

(6s 8d)

Item fourteene bookes in decimo sexto

ix s iiij d

(9s 4d)

Item testaments in octavo

xi s viij d

(11s 8d)

Item Eight psalters

ix s iiij d

(9s 4d)


15 December 1626


handwritten document






“Inventory page 4 - image and transcription,” William Corbett's Bookshop, accessed January 20, 2021,