William Corbett's will - image and transcription

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William Corbett's will - image and transcription


The will of William Corbett, Stationer (bookseller) in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Click the image to enlarge, and read the transcription below.

(In the transcription, abbreviations have been silently extended, and square brackets indicate likely readings where the document is damaged or illegible.)

In the name of God amen. I William Corbett of the To[wn]

of Newcastle upon Tyne, in the Countie of the Same Towne Stationer, being

whole in body sound in mind and of a good and perfect Remembraunce, laud and

praise bee gyven to Allmyghtie god, yett neuerthelesse, takeing into

consideration the frailtie and mortalitie of all men, Have thought fitt

to make this my last will and testament, in manner and forme followeing

(that is to saie) First and Prencipally, I comitt and comend my

soule into the hands of Almightie god my maker and to his sonne Jesus Christ

Saviour and Redeemer by whome and through whose death and passion I hope

assuredly for the full remission and forgivenes of all my sins, my body to the earth

from whence it came to be buryed within the parish Church yeard of St Nicholas

within the said Towne and Countie of Newcastle upon Tyne, and for the worldy goods

which the Lord hath indued me withall I gyve and bequeath as followeth. Item I

gyue and bequeath unto the poore of the said parish Church of St Nicholas the

some of Ten shillings of lawfull money of England to bee attributed att the [full?]

discretion of my wif Barbara Corbett. Item I gyue and bequeath unto [my]

sonne John Corbett which shalbe unto him in full satisfaction and discharge of [...]

filiall and Childs portion, The Some of Ten pounds of laufull money of England [to]

be payed unto him within Six monthes next after my death and decease. Item I

gyue and bequeath to Robert Wolfe all my ymplements of workgeare of what nature or

kind soeuer, which doth belong and appertaine unto my traid and caleing (except one little

cutting presse and one little soweing presse which I gyue to my wif, for her [life]

naturall and after decease then I gyue and bequeath the same unto the said Robert.

Item I gyue and bequeath to the said Robert two paire of lyning sheets and one

half dozen of lyning napkins and one half dozen of straken napkins one brasse

candlestick and one putter candlesticke of the biggest sort one quart pott one pint pot

and one great hearball. And for all the rest of my worldly goods, aswell

moueable and immoueable, my debtes legacies and funerall expences being first

payed and discharged, I give and bequeath unto my said wif Barbara Corbett whome

I make and ordayne my full and solo Executrix of this my last will and testam[ent]

renouceing all other and former wills whatsoeuer heretofore made by me. In

Witnes Wheareof I the said William Corbett have here unto sett my

hand and seale the Eighteenth day of Aprill in the Second yeare of the Raigne of

our Soueraigne Lord Charles by the grace of God Kinge of England Scotland

France and Ireland defender of the faith etc. Anno Domini 1626

William Corbet


Deed signed sealed and delivered

in the presence of

Tobie Watson

Thos Clarkson


18 April 1626








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