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Homer's Odyssey

38 Odyssey.JPG
A side-by-side Greek text and Latin translation of Homer's Odyssey. The edition pictured, from St. Nicholas Cathedral Library, is probably too early to be the edition actually stocked in William Corbett's shop.

A Sermon Preached Before His Majestie At Whitehall, March 22, 1617

A sermon on Psalm 95, 'Touching Prostration and Kneeling before God. To which is added a Discourse concerning Kneeling at the Communion'. The practice of kneeling during communion was a controvercial one in the post-reformation period, because the…

Fruitful Sermons Preached by the right Reverend Father, and constant Martyr of Jesus Christ, M. Hugh Latimer

A collection of sermons by Hugh Latimer, a Protestant reformer who was burned at the stake in 1555, during Mary I's reign. The edition pictured is from the St. Nicholas Cathedral Library, now held by Newcastle University.The full text of the less…

The Bible, that is, the Holy Scriptures, contained in the Old and New Testament

The edition pictured, from the St. Nicholas Cathedral Library, is the Geneva Bible translation. This was first published in 1560 and was one of the first widely available translations of the Bible in English, predating the King James Bible by 50…

The whole Book of Psalms, collected into English Metre

An English translation of the psalms in metre, containing sheet music of suggested tunes. The edition pictured is bound in the same volume as a Bible.

A New Herbal, or History of Plants

William Corbett left Robert Wolfe 'one great herbal' in his will. A herbal is a collection of descriptions of plants and their properties, particularly their medicinal properties, so would have been a useful household item.A New Herbal is a…