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Preservatives against sin

A guide to avoiding sin, 'wherein are contained the most infallible and sovereign remedies, both general, against every sin; and special, against the six most common and reigning sins of this age: every thing confirmed most soundly by infallible…

Disce vivere: learn to live. Disce mori: learn to die.

Two treatises, 'Wherein is shewed, in what manner every well-disposed Christian may learne, first how to liue the life of the righteous, and then how to dye the death of the righteous'.The full texts of earlier editions of these treatises are…

Ancilla pietatis: or, The hand-maid to private devotion

A devotional manual consisting of 'instructions, hymnes and prayers, fitted to the Christian feasts and fasts'. This must have been a new acquisition in William Corbett's shop as it was published in 1626. Read the full text of this edition here.