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The practice of Christianity

A summary of Richard Rogers' 'Seven Treatises' (1603), an early Puritan work addressing the Christian life. The full text of the 1603 edition is available online.

A key of knowledge for the opening of the secret mysteries of St Johns mystical Revelation

A commentary on the book of Revelation by Richard Bernard (1568-1641), a prolific Puritan writer.

The fall of man, or The corruption of nature, proved by the light of our natural reason

Godfrey Goodman was a court preacher and chaplain to Queen Anne, the wife of James I, and had Roman Catholic leanings. Read the full text of this edition here.

Jacobs vow, opposed to the vowes of monks and friars

Gilbert Primrose (1580-1641) was Scottish but travelled to France and became a minister of the French Reformed Church. This work was originally written in French, and translated into English by John Bulteel.

The parable of the sower and the seed

An exposition of the parable of the sower in Luke 8. Read the full text of this edition here.

The Kings bath, Affording many sweet and comfortable observations from the baptism of Christ

An exposition of Christ's baptism in Matthew 3. Read the full text of this edition here.

David's Cost

An extended sermon on 2 Samuel 24, 'Wherein euery one, who is desirous to serue God aright, may see what it must cost him'.