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A Fourfold Resolution digested into two books, very necessary to Salvation

'Describing the world of wickednesse and miserie, the world of glory, and wisedome unsearchable'.

A book of Christian exercise, appertaining to resolution

This devotional work by Robert Parsons, a Catholic Jesuit priest, was edited by Edmund Bunny to make it suitable for Protestant readers, removing references to Purgatory and the Virgin Mary. There were 24 editions of the Protestant version, against…

Meditations and vows, divine and moral

A devotional work by Joseph Hall, an English bishop who also wrote poetry and satire. Read the full text of this edition here.

The practice of Christianity

A summary of Richard Rogers' 'Seven Treatises' (1603), an early Puritan work addressing the Christian life. The full text of the 1603 edition is available online.

The mother and the child. A short catechism or briefe sum of religion, gathered out of Mr. Cragge's Catechism

A catechism (series of questions and answers) summarising the Christian faith, aimed at children, by John Craig, a Scottish minister. Read the full text of this edition here.

David's Cost

An extended sermon on 2 Samuel 24, 'Wherein euery one, who is desirous to serue God aright, may see what it must cost him'.

The practice of piety

A highly popular and influential manual of Christian living, which was first published in 1612, running to 46 editions by 1640. Read the full text of the 1613 edition here.

Disce vivere: learn to live. Disce mori: learn to die.

Two treatises, 'Wherein is shewed, in what manner every well-disposed Christian may learne, first how to liue the life of the righteous, and then how to dye the death of the righteous'.The full texts of earlier editions of these treatises are…

Ancilla pietatis: or, The hand-maid to private devotion

A devotional manual consisting of 'instructions, hymnes and prayers, fitted to the Christian feasts and fasts'. This must have been a new acquisition in William Corbett's shop as it was published in 1626. Read the full text of this edition here.