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[Cicero's epistles]

The Roman philosopher and politician Marcus Tullius Cicero (106 BC - 43 BC) was highly influential in the Renaissance, in fact Petrach's rediscovery of Cicero's letters is often credited with initiating the Renaissance in the 14th century. A likely…

Epistolae Joannis Ravisii Textoris

Collected correspondence of Jean Tixier de Ravisi (1470-1592), French Renaissance humanist scholar and professor of rhetoric.

Epistolarum Pauli Manutii libri XII

Epistles in the style of Cicero by Paulus Manutius.

The Manutius family were an influential family of printers in Venice - Paulus' father Aldus Manutius is credited with inventing italic type and establishing the modern use of the semicolon.…

Disertissimi viri Rogeri Aschami

The collected correspondence of Roger Ascham (1515-1568), in Latin. Ascham was an English scholar and writer, who acted as tutor to Elizabeth I. His books included Toxophilus, a work in praise of archery, and The Scholemaster, on the teaching of…