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The whole Book of Psalms, collected into English Metre

An English translation of the psalms in metre, containing sheet music of suggested tunes. The edition pictured is bound in the same volume as a Bible.

[proceedings at path]

"the proceedings att path two"

Six evangelical histories

An exposition of John's gospel, chapters 2-4. The title refers to six stories which take place in this section of scripture: of 'water turned into wine', 'the temple's purgation', 'Christ and Nicodemus', 'John's last testimony', 'Christ, and the…

A godly and learned exposition of Christ's Sermon on the Mount

William Perkins (1558-1602) was a highly popular and influential English theologan, who wrote over forty works. This sermon on Matthew 5-7 (the Sermon on the Mount) was published after his death. Read the full text of this edition here.

A Regiment for the Sea

A mathematical guide to navigation, which may have been the first technical manual written by an English person. Read the full text of this edition here.

The Bible, that is, the Holy Scriptures, contained in the Old and New Testament

The edition pictured, from the St. Nicholas Cathedral Library, is the Geneva Bible translation. This was first published in 1560 and was one of the first widely available translations of the Bible in English, predating the King James Bible by 50…

The History of Tithes

John Selden's 'History of Tithes', an essay on the historical basis of the tithe system, was highly controversial. Selden implicitly denied the 'divine right of kings' by arguing that the church had a legal but not a divine right to tithes (ten…

[mirror for may sports]

"the merror for maie sports"

A cloud of faithful witnesses, leading to the heavenly Canaan

William Perkins (1558-1602) was a prolific and influential theologan. This text, a sermon on Hebrews 11, was published after Perkins' death by 'by Will. Crashawe, and Tho. Pierson, Preachers of Gods Word: who heard him preach it, and wrote it from…

[Nicholas Byfield on 1 or 2 Peter]

Nicholas Byfield published sermons on various parts of the books of 1 and 2 Peter. It is not clear which of these works the inventory refers to.