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The happiness of the Church

A collection of sermons given by Thomas Adams. This edition was sold by John Grismond, who supplied books to William Corbett.

[the popish doctrine]

"the popish Doctrine"

A Fourfold Resolution digested into two books, very necessary to Salvation

'Describing the world of wickednesse and miserie, the world of glory, and wisedome unsearchable'.

A book of Christian exercise, appertaining to resolution

This devotional work by Robert Parsons, a Catholic Jesuit priest, was edited by Edmund Bunny to make it suitable for Protestant readers, removing references to Purgatory and the Virgin Mary. There were 24 editions of the Protestant version, against…

Meditations and vows, divine and moral

A devotional work by Joseph Hall, an English bishop who also wrote poetry and satire. Read the full text of this edition here.

The Book of Common Prayer (quarto)

The Book of Common Prayer was the first prayer book to set out the words to be spoken in church services in English rather than in Latin. It was first published in 1549 under the reign of Edward VI. In 1626 the most up-to-date version of the Book of…

A world of wonders

'An introduction to a treatise touching the conformitie of ancient and moderne wonders: or a preparative treatise to the Apologie for Herodotus', originally in French. Henri Estienne (c.1528-1598) was an influential French scholar and printer. This…


A concordance is an index to the Bible.